🦄 UniCAKE Baked with love❤️

Build & driven by the community.

What is UniCAKE?

UniCAKE is not just another reflection token, and we are sure not just another community driven project, we aim to be more than that. Our goal is to build a strong community with a project really built and owned by the community. Building such a project involves more than creating a reflection token and renouncing the ownership. It all sounds good but there are a few problems with that approach.

Go ahead and check out our Recipe to learn more.

🦄 Unicake Tokenomics

10% Cake Rewards

10% of every transaction will go towards our Cake & Diamond hands Pool, these rewards will be redistributed to our holders.

7% Redistributed to all holders that own a minimum of 150.000 tokens.

3% Redistributed to all holders with the Diamond Hands status.

3% to Liquidity Pool

3% of every transaction swapped into liquidity for Pancakeswap, this all happens automatically under the hood and helps create a stable price floor.

Diamond Hands Bonus

Out of the 10% Cake rewards fee, 3% Redistributed to all holders with the Diamond Hands status.

To be eligible to receive the Diamond hands status you need to lock your tokens up for a minimum of 7 days, after these 7 days you can unlock your tokens whenever you want but you will lose your diamond hands status.

check out our Recipe (Whitepaper) to learn more click here

Locked Liquidity

In UniCAKE v0.9 our liquidity is locked for at least 6 months and stays locked until the UniCAKE V1 launch we will migrate the liquidity to v1 and lock it up again for 3 years.

Charity Wallet

We have a Charity wallet that receives cake rewards, these rewards will be used to support our charity partners chosen by the community.

Cake Factory

Cake Factory is our anti whale mechanism, if a whale decides to dump their tokens and the price goes down drastically the Cake Factory will be activated and use its funds to maintain stability.

Tokens bought back by the Factory will be burned at a later stage ( first burn @ 5000+ holders )

Token distribution

Our Roadmap

Phase 1: Pre-launch 🚦

Website Launch
Whitepaper release
UniCAKE V0.9
Listing on CG & CMC
Shilling/Influencers marketing push
Audit & KYC
Meme contest
5000+ Holders

(1st token burn event)

5000+ TG Members
Airdrop Campaign
UniCAKE Lottery
UniCAKE Launchpad
Ecosystem Blueprint Release
The Bakery (Dashboard)

Phase 2: Launch 🚀

UniCAKE v1
Website Relaunch
10.000+ Holders

(2nd token burn event)

Expanding the dev team
Community Voting Platform
NFT Platform
Ecommerce Platform
Unicake DEX
Unicake Wallet
Press Release
Register the Company

Phase 3: Growth 📈

Influencers & Celebrity Ambassador Program
50.000+ Holders

(3rd token burn event)

Guerilla marketing
Huge Influencers Marketing push
Exchange listing
More to be Announced